Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Delving into the unknown... cake toppings and decorations.

I seem to keep sticking to two fail-safes when it comes to cake toppings. Butter-cream frosting or regular icing, often with a few shop bought sprinkles. And I do love the 'piped' appearance of icing them this way. But I know there's heaps more things to try out there, so, my new objective is to try and delve into the more skilled and varied types of cake decoration!
I'm not oblivious to the fact that so far, my efforts haven't exactly tested the boundaries of the skillsphere, so I'm going to rectify that and show you all (all being probably me, my partner and friend Ben at the moment....) that I can do fancy shmancy cake as good as the next... er... cupcake blogger?
So watch this space...! I'm thinking maybe I'll do some this weekend.
Oh and if any of you imaginary readers out there have any ideas as to what I should do / try, let me know!

Coops x

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  1. I've just been informed of the massive Lakeland in Windermere, and there's suggestion I might even be taking a trip there this weekend to get lots of fancy supplies to aid in my mission of cupcake perfection! :)