Monday, 13 September 2010

A go at sugar paste icing...

Ok, to seasoned cake decorators, or actually, anybody who's any good at baking, this won't seem like such a mean feat. But to me, this was new and a little difficult I must say. I was never tempted to buy the shop bought icing, but half way through my gooey mess I did wonder if I shouldn't have written off that idea so quickly.
Anyway, I did have a go, and the results weren't too bad, although I definitely wouldnt call them my best:

I even got some special little flower cuttersand moulding devices to create my... errr... very boring little flowers on here.

I think these would have looked tons better if I'd improved mysuagr paste recipe i.e. got the ingredient quantities just right and added some more glucose, and if I'd really gone to town with the flowers and added gezillions to them! Instead of just like, 3. I just got so peeved with how bland they were looking, I decided not to carry on I guess.

But hey, they tasted good and my kitchen table looked a little brighter with these displayed :)

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