Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Oh dear...

I made a cake for my friends birthday last night, a great big Madeira (nice and sturdy supposedly) cake ready for lashings of icing and decoration. Cooked to perfection and one of my best yet!
Then, I dropped it.
AAAAAAAAAARGH! I can be so clumsy sometimes. I spent ages exacting everything about that cake so that it would turn out well (I'm not the most amazing at big birthday cakes) and I was so pleased. I think in my hurry to slice the cake in half ready for some filling, it might of have been a smidge too hot still and and... *FLUMP* onto the kitchen counter it went...
So then I tried to salvage it, that didn't work, so yep, no Cake for my friend Chris. I feel so bad, I've been promising him this lovely cake for like 2 months, and I'd have made him another one if it weren't 10pm and I'd used all the eggs!

Oh well, disasters happen don't they? I'm rubbish at laying Royal icing on things anyway...though I was looking forward to really making this one look great.

Right. I'm over it now. I'll stick to cupcakes. I know my place in the baking world, and it's simple little frosted sponges.


Coops x

P.s Just a note though, the Madeira recipe I used was brill, I'll post it up here in the recipes bit soon, though obviously it didn't turn out because I dropped it, if I hadn't, it would have been a great cake for decorating, and the sponge tasted amazing (we still got to try it at least!!).

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