Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

OK, asked by a work colleague for chocolate orange cupcakes, here is my interpretation:

Chocolate and orange cupcake iced with an orange buttercream icing.

So, for the chocolate cupcake base, the recipe I used was a little different. It's more of a dense brownie type mixture as opposed to an airy sponge. This was achieved by using melted chocolate, butter, eggs and plain flour without the use of any raising agents (like baking powder). And the addition of some orange juice and grated orange zest for that slight hint. The cases were then filled right to the top before baking.
I was a bit apprehensive about this recipe as I was taking a risk doing them like this, and didn't have the opportunity to make any more should they go wrong!! But luckily, the gamble paid off! The cake is great and a provides a much better, denser base for all that yummy buttercream.
For the buttercream I just jused my normal buttercream recipe but with orange juice, zest and some orange food colouring. So there you are!
Hope you like them David! :)

Coops x


  1. Even better looking in real life, just got to hope I can make it all the way to my Dad's without eating them!


  2. While I'm looking at the pretty butterfly buns I thought I'd let you know that these were gorgeous; the richer brownie base stands up well against the buttercream. My Dad, Aunt and Uncle all send their thanks!


  3. Ah so glad they were a hit! :) tell your family they're very welcome!