Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My local cafe (one of...)

So I went for a quick coffee break at my local cafe (I love it, it has the nicest atmosphere, yummy food and they love kids) on Monday, with William. He'd been a good boy all morning and I thought he was in the right frame of mind for sharing a bit of cake with his Mummy :)

I went in and they had a beautiful collection of cupcakes sitting there on the counter, in their own little stand, covered in glitter and decorated wonderfully. Some had strawberries dipped in white chocolate on top, some had little sugar paste flowers adorning their perfectly whipped buttercream.
I was a little jealous I have to say. I mean although I've no doubt my cupcakes look lovely, these were just beautiful.
But there was just one thing bothering me about them, and this is something I see quite a lot...
'Edible Glitter' -  it doesn't sit right with me!
I mean I know it's classed as something that you can safely eat without any harm incurred, but that's only because it's classed as non-toxic. The glitters are actually suggested as only for use as decoration. I can't find one example of an edible glitter that doesn't actually have 'only for decoration purposes' in small print. If you want a truly edible glitter that is completely water soluble and for specific consumption you need to buy 'flakes' - which aren't nearly as sparkly and 'WOW' but are, actually supposed to be eaten. Here's what some of the websites say:

"The brand of edible glitter we offer is a non toxic, inert substance which doesn't flavour the food or bleed colour. It's not digested by the body, but passes through your system harmlessly." 
"It contains additives which are usually harmless but on very rare occasions, as with any food item, allergic reactions may occur."
"Because it's not broken down by the body's digestive system, we recommend that you use it lightly"

And I mean, I see some of these cakes, literally covered in it. So all this lovely glitter that is used to make these cupcakes look that bit extra special, to me, just puts me off. I don't really fancy having glitter in my insides for a while, God know it's hard enough to get out of the carpet...

I might just be over reacting, but there we are! Safe to say, I just bought a piece of regular cake. :)

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