Friday, 1 October 2010

Simple Chocolate Sandwich Cake

After an excitable to trip to the new Waitrose near me (yes, on a Friday night! :p) I got home and had an urge to use my newly purchased cake tins. (God this is making me sound sad). I'm seeing my friends over in Manchester tomorrow and thought bringing them a lovely cake would be nice :)
This one's nothing too fancy, just a basic chocolate sponge sandwiched and coated with chocolate frosting and topped with grated white and dark chocolate. Simple, but one of the best. I can't wait to have a slice of this with a cup of coffee tomorrow. Incidently, I bought a 'coffee frother' while I was out this eve too...I'm a sucker for gadgets. You know things used to be very different... Ha! I used to GO OUT of a Friday night... but hey, I'm out tomorrow night instead and boy am I looking forward to it! If anything, it'll give the oven a well deserved rest.

Chocolate Sandwich Cake

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