Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Cake - Done!

Well, after weeks of careful 'feeding' and loving tender care, my Christmas brick, sorry cake, was ready to ice. I'll be honest, there was no making my own marzipan or royal icing from scratch, I settled for the shop bought variety, and to be honest, what reason is there not to? That stuff's great and much less hassle. 
So, to a back drop of cheesy Saturday night television, off I went about icing my mahoosive Christmas cake! It was actually more fun than I remember icing usually is. As a rule, I intensely dislike icing big cakes as I'm rubbish at it, but this time all went smoothly (quite literally) and lo, here is my effort:

Rich Fruit Christmas cake iced with marzipan and royal icing (in ivory not white for a more authentic feel!)
I used the left over strips of icing to make some stars and a Christmas tree decorations.
p.s really love marzipan these days, I used to hate it as a kid but I've changed my mind now, mmmmm! And another thing, this cake wouldn't have turned nearly so well if it hadn't been for the marzipan underneath, it's great for creating flat surfaces to ice on. Afterall, my fruity cake was a little bumpy and the marzipan concealed this brilliantly. 

Coops x :) Merry Christmas! xxxx

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  1. Wow! Can't wait to tuck in and wash it down with a mulled wine! David.