Saturday, 19 February 2011

Blueberry scones

...and that's scone as in bone! (always a basic food debate fav, much like the "is it a barm? No it's a roll/bap etc). Just for the record, here's where I stand on these such matters:
Scone (like bone not gone)
Barm cake: what others may incorrectly describe as a bap, roll or bin lid?!
Tea cakes: have currants in! They are not above mentioned barms.

... Anyway, here are some delicious blueberry scones! I thought a great change from sultanas would be fresh blueberries, and they worked perfectly. You just have to be careful when kneading them into the dough or they burst everywhere! A lovely thing about using blueberries is how gooey they go when cooked, it was like having the jam already in the scone almost :)

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