Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some more of those Christening Cupcakes...!

I know these have been done and pictured on here before but as they're just so lovely I thought I'd add another post detailing the most recent batch of my Christening Cupcakes! My supervisor at work wanted some for her little boy's Christening on Sunday, and so I of course obliged willingly! I made just 24 but they looked great on their little gingham stand. I'm told they went down v.well too :)

Set of Vanilla buns No.1 - I used my favourite vanilla recipe (featured in the recipes sections)
Mmm delicious vanilla butter cream! I used a nice vanilla bean paste, along with the obvious icing sugar, no salt butter and a splash of whole milk.

Lovingly iced and awaiting their crowning glory!

Some may see it as cheating with a wafer rose but I think they look great (and incidentally much better than any sugar paste effort I could do)

All packaged and ready to go!

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