Friday, 25 March 2011

The 'Ultimate' Chocolate cake

OK, things have been a bit quiet on the cake front lately. What with work, children, that kind of thing. So inevitably there was some question in the office 'where have Coops' cakes gone?!'.

Not wanting to disappoint my public, I decided to create the ultimate cake to go with a brew in the office... The Ultimate Chocolate cake Hehe!

I got the recipe from the BBC Good food site - for something a bit different to that of which i usually make. The recipe is a good one - if not a little pricey. The cost of the chocolate alone was £8! But I have to say, I think it might have been worth it... the chocolately richness was fab! And it's going down a treat in the office as we speak :) The only thing I would say is of you decide to use the recipe (below) yourself, I'd put the temp of the oven up a little and keep the cake in longer. Mine was still wobbly after 90 minutes on 140!

Here's the link to the recipe, enjoy :)

p.s you'll notice my chocolate curls are only what can be decsribed as 'crap' when compared to that of the orignial recipe - I can never get the darn things right!!


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