Saturday, 27 August 2011

Still alive and still baking! (just about)


For anyone out there still reading... I'm sorry :( - I know every other post seems to say this at the moment... promise I'm going to try and do at least one post a week now though. Well, I'll trrrrry.
...Agh gimme a break, I've just had baby ya know! ;) Baking has been a distant memory for me!!

So, here's a little update on what's been going on with me, and a new bake to boot :) (just see my next post)

1. Had baby - she's real cute. And smells goo too. And has the softest skin, and teeniest feet...

Little Lucy, she's just amazing. She arrived 4 days early weighing a rather healthy 8lb 13oz (must have been all those cakes :D) and just like her brother arrived in no time at all. That's not to say it didn't *sting* a bit. She seems lovely and contented too, I can't believe how lucky we are. Though it's not that I haven't been mad busy with my new little bundle, those nappies and feeding times still prevent me from doing just about everything at the moment! She's only 6 weeks right now, so things should start easing off again soon and I'll be free to do all the baking I like.... errr, right? That's what'll happen isn't it?! Right????! Haha..

I might not have helped myself by shunning any kind of routine, I did read Gina Ford. I tried (for about 72 hours...) to implement her plan but came to the conclusion that it's just not that easy to do with a boystrous 2 year old in tow too, so, I'm playing the game by ear instead. Feeding Lucy on demand and letting her sleep when she likes. And you know what? It's not that bad. She feeds a lot yes, but sleeps well at night and rarely cries, so I'm happy with that :) Let's just see if I can get a bit of baking time in now...

2. Moved house

As I thought 'Hey, a baby just isn't presenting enough things to think about right now!' I decided moving house would be a brill idea too! ... Well, maybe it was more 'ARGH WE DON'T HAVE THE ROOM, WE DON'T LIVE NEAR ANYONE, ARRRRRGH!' - so the natural thing for us was to relocate nearer my partners parents for support and some extra bedrooms!
We've moved somewhere really lovely, now the stressful part of moving is over I can finally enjoy myself and feel a bit more settled. My new kitchen is great too, nice and roomy (for all my baking paraphenalia) and with a great double oven too! Though I'll point out in advance - my lovely new oven is a temperamental beast when it comes to even cooking, so we'll see how that goes...

So, with all this stuff going on, I've been a tad neglectful of my little blog, but I'm vowing the rectify this now. I have thought about you little blog, I have! Hopefully I'll be able to set a up a 'bake night' for myself once a week and so have something to update you all with!

Anyway, if you're reading this - thanks! Now, onto my next post - cake related!!


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