Monday, 24 September 2012

Carrot cake

Here's what's left of a carrot cake I made last week for a colleague's birthday at work. It was an absolutely massive affair but still got devoured in it's entirety. So guess it must've been good! I've made this one a lot before and it never fails (so long as you get the frosting right and whip it enough), it's from you guessed it... The Hummingbird bakery cookbook.

Sorry this is the only pic I have!

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rainford Show 2012

Last year I chose the Victoria sponge class; I didn't get placed. :( This year I did Millionaires shortbread... and came... 2nd! Wahoo! (was out of 5 entries like...but still) :D

For the shortbread, it was just flour, caster sugar and butter. For the 'caramel' I used a can of condensed milk and brown sugar heated together. V sweet but amazingly simple and tasty.
The topping was 3 big bars!!? of Green and Blacks milk chocolate with melted white chocolate swirled in.

Mine were by far the biggest, why do I always make things so big?? Think I might have even got 1st if they were just a little more 'dainty'.

There was one more entry than this honest!

I used a milky bar to add the swirls to the milk chocolate, sooo easy and looked/tasted good.

"really scrummy" lolol! :D

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A couple of bakes I completely forgot to post!

As presumably already stated on here, I am not great at keeping this blog updated, I doubt it matters too much either...
But for the ones of you that do drop by, here's a couple of things I've baked and forgot to post about! :)

Lavender Cupcakes
Really amazing, wasn't expecting them to be so nice! Recipe from The Hummingbird bakery cookbook (as per).

Plain old fruited scones
Could have been a bit taller? Tasted good though!

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