Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rainford Show 2012

Last year I chose the Victoria sponge class; I didn't get placed. :( This year I did Millionaires shortbread... and came... 2nd! Wahoo! (was out of 5 entries like...but still) :D

For the shortbread, it was just flour, caster sugar and butter. For the 'caramel' I used a can of condensed milk and brown sugar heated together. V sweet but amazingly simple and tasty.
The topping was 3 big bars!!? of Green and Blacks milk chocolate with melted white chocolate swirled in.

Mine were by far the biggest, why do I always make things so big?? Think I might have even got 1st if they were just a little more 'dainty'.

There was one more entry than this honest!

I used a milky bar to add the swirls to the milk chocolate, sooo easy and looked/tasted good.

"really scrummy" lolol! :D

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