Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rainford Show 2013

After coming second last year I thought I might be in with a chance this time... Alas, it was not meant to be as I didn't even get placed! :( The category I chose was Carrot Cake. As is usual there was no info as to how you should interpret this so it was left to the baker to interpret wisely. I, it seems, did not! Tray bake! 

I used my trusty and massively well tested Hummingbird recipe but in hindsight I probably should have used a more traditional one. 

Anyway here's my effort, and pictures of the winners too! 

I originally wanted to to cover the whole cake with frosting but I got tired and just did the top. I actually think it looked quite lovely like this, though definitely not my best carrot cake offering.

It took keen precision to get those layers equal! Cue scales

The village hall.

The carrot cakes. 

1st Place.

2nd Place.

3rd Place.


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